I am Braxton Mitchell, Representative for House District #3.  I was born and raised in Columbia Falls, and I have a deep appreciation and love for this part of Montana.


There is much that needs to be done for Montana.  Taxes are a burden for many.  That is why I'm supporting bills that will lower income and property taxes.  There are current legislators working on legislation to bring bed tax money back to the cities and counties where it was generated instead of to the state general fund, change the property tax appraisal cycle from every 2 years to 6 years, and limit the amount of individual property tax increase to no more than 5 % annually.  I'll be supporting all of these efforts.


Tax and business relief for hurting Montanans should not be a partisan issue.   The state budget revenue will be reduced due to the virus epidemic, and I will not support a tax increase to fill the deficit.  The state will need to reduce its spending just as MT citizens have had too. 


Protecting the 2nd Amendment, public lands, and creating private sector jobs will always be some of my top priorities. Im a proud member of the NRA. There is much that the legislature can do to cut regulations and attract businesses to Columbia Falls. I will work to preserve the water rights that are held by land owners and municipalities in the Flathead.  Adequate reliable water is critical to keeping water rates low and the quality of life high.  Other Flathead issues that I'm working on is to preserve our hunting and fishing heritage, promote responsible forest use and the wood product industry, protect our senior citizens and veterans, and promote the Bill of Rights.


If you would like to contact me regarding legislation, or any other issues of importance to you, email at and we will get in touch! I am deeply honored to be your voice in Helena!

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